Environmental information request.

Our sustainability report.

From 2004 onwards, E.ON Group has published an annual sustainability report with comprehensive information on our commitment to sustainability, the measures we have taken, and our achievements over the last year. ‘Sainsbury’s Energy’ is a trading name used under licence by E.ON Next Energy Limited who are part of E.ON Group.

Information requests.

If you would like to request any further information after reading our sustainability report you can fill out an online request form. The Governance and Compliance team at E.ON Next Energy Limited will be in contact with you within 20 working days after receiving your request.

You can also submit a request for information via post by writing to:

Governance and Compliance Team, E.ON, Westwood Way, Westwood Business Park, Coventry, CV4 8LG.

Please ensure your request is clearly marked as an information request under the Environmental Information Regulations.

Important advice on all information requests.

Be aware that we will consider whether the information requested is disclosable to you and whether you have provided us with sufficient detail to complete your request.

Please also note that we’re entitled to charge you for any reasonable costs incurred to complete your request.

Charges include:

  • £25 per hour spent handling the request to compensate for employee time.
  • 10p for each page printed if you request a physical copy. Plus, postage costs to deliver it to you.

We may ask for payment in advance if the information request is estimated to require a significant amount of time. However, where the request can be resolved within one hour, charges will be waived (except for printing and postage costs when required).

In the case that handling your information request incurs reasonable costs, we will ask for payment before providing the information. Information will only be delivered once cleared funds have been received. At our discretion, if we deem it unreasonable to charge you for your request, we will notify you that costs will be waived for your information request.