Invest in home energy solutions

We know many of you are already taking steps to reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint, but there are some big leaps you can make that could have a long-term impact. We are here to help you invest in your future with exclusive savings.

Relax and recharge with home EV charging

We're here to help make going electric even easier. With a new electric vehicle charger at home, you can enjoy the convenience of overnight charging. Simply park up and put your feet up knowing that you’ll wake up full charged for the day ahead.

Sainsbury energy is 100% renewable
A man carrying his daughter on his shoulders - Sainsbury energy is 100% renewable

Install solar energy for a brighter future

Take control of your energy and enjoy the benefits of generating your own power. Installing solar panels could save you up to £713 a year on your electricity bills^^. Plus, battery storage means you don’t need to waste a watt, by storing your excess energy for a rainy day.

Terms and conditions

These are example figures only, based on standardised MCS calculations. Savings are based on property fitted with a south-facing solar array in central England on a roof with a 35-degree tilt and no shading, with electricity consumption of 4,800 kWh per year (with the customer Home all day), at a tariff rate of 22.4p/kWh (the Ofgem Energy Price Cap rate from 01 July 2024). The solar array contains 12 x 435W panels (5.22 kWp) generating 4,881 kWh/year, fitted with a 5.1 kWh (5.1 kWh usable) battery.