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We've put together a list of handy energy saving tips which you could start to introduce at home. Have a read below to see how simple changes could lead to smart savings...

Energy Saving Tips

Energy quick wins are helpful for the environment, but also for your budget. Here are some handy tips to save energy in simple ways, every day.

If you made all the changes below you could save around £92 a year, that's around 27 coffees from your favourite cafe*.

1. Turn off standby appliances

If you turn your electric appliances off at the plug instead of leaving them on standby, you could save an average of £30 a year.

Most appliances can be turned off at the plug without affecting their programming, but make sure you have a look at the instructions to be sure!

2. Use a bowl to wash up

Using a bowl to wash up rather than running the tap could help you save £25 a year in energy bills.

3. Turn off the lights

Turning your lights off when you’re not using them is easier said than done, but this simple act could save you at least £14 a year on your energy bills. If you switch a light off even just for a few seconds, you will save more energy than it takes for the light to start up again, regardless of the type of light. 

4. Less showering, more saving

Spending one minute less in the shower each day will save up to £7 a year off your energy bills, per person. If everyone in a four-person household did this it would lead to a total saving of XXX!

5. Reduce your laundry loads

Cutting back your washing machine use by just one cycle per week could save £5 a year on energy.

6. Wash your clothes at a lower temperature

Washing at 30 degrees rather than 40 degrees can help reduce your energy usage, and if you can cut out one wash cycle per week you’ll clip £5 off your annual energy bill.

7. Boil only what you need

Only fill the kettle with the amount of water that you need and save around £6 a year.

Also - if you need to boil anything at all, it’s always best to use a kettle rather than heating on the hob as it will turn itself off automatically when the water’s ready. Make sure to only fill it with the water you need, so you’re not wasting energy heating up water you won’t use.

8. Keep the heat in the oven

If you can help it, try not to keep opening the oven as you’re cooking. This can lower the temperature and you’ll waste energy bringing the heat back up.





*Based on one hot drink costing £3.00 per beverage.