Meter and Meter Readings

How do I read my meter?

Digital meter:

  • Read from left to right
  • The top reading in this example is 450
  • The bottom reading is 1906
  • Ignore the red numbers

Dial meter:

  • If your dial meter has the two top dials in red, ignore them
  • Take reading from the bottom set of dials
  • Note the direction in which each dial is moving
  • Take the number that the dial has just passed
  • The reading for the dial meter in this example is 9704
  • Digits that are red or highlighted in red represent decimal places and can be ignored

Electronic meter:

  • Show readings for more than one meter
  • View the readings by pushing a button or scrolling automatically
  • The display will show a total reading of the two or more meters combined. Only send the individual readings

Be safe

  • If your meter is high up, make sure you can reach it safely
  • Call an electrician if there are any loose or exposed wires

Do I have to read my own meter or will Sainsbury's Energy read it for me?

We'll give you the option to log in to your online account or via the app to enter your meter readings as often as you like. This will mean you can track your energy usage and make sure your bills are an accurate reflection of how much you're actually using. But regardless of whether you do this or not, we’ll still need to read your meter as well. We aim to read meters on a half-yearly basis depending on what type of meter you have and where you live. If your meter is located inside your home we’ll need to arrange access with you.

Do I need a special meter to be with Sainsbury's Energy?

No, you don't - we work with all kinds of meters. If you think there might be something different about the meter(s) at your home, just call us on 0800 088 4127*. We’re open Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm and Saturday 9am to 1pm (except for bank holidays).

Is the tariff available to customers that have a Pre-payment meter?

Unfortunately not - our tariff is only available to customers with standard credit, restricted credit or Economy 7 credit meters.

Will my Smart meter work with Sainsbury's Energy?

As with other energy suppliers, if you've got a Smart meter some, or in other cases maybe all, features may stop working when you switch to us from another supplier. If you lose the features of your Smart meter, it'll still work as a normal meter and you'll be able to see how much energy you're using online and via our mobile app.

If you haven't got a Smart meter, we’ll keep you updated and let you know when changing to a smart meter is an option for you.

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