100% renewable electricity

Proudly purchased from certified renewable sources across the country.

What does 100% renewable electricity actually mean?

It means that we'll match all of your electricity consumption by buying the same amount of electricity from renewable sources. We'll then feed this back into the network to keep the circle-of-electricity-life moving nicely.^Read more about how we buy our renewable electricity here.

Through our regular estimations based on your meter readings, we can make sure we've bought enough clean, renewable electricity to cover what you've used.

Every unit of renewable electricity that we source comes with a Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO) Certificate – they essentially provide proof that the electricity has been generated from a renewable source. OFGEM issue one REGO per megawatt hour (MwH) of electricity generated from eligible sources to renewable electricity generators.




^There are currently no additional environmental benefits to this tariff.