Standard tariff is not tied to any particular tariff and has no cancellation fees.

If you have both your gas and electricity with us, you will receive a Dual Fuel discount of £15 per year off your energy bill. This discount will be applied continuously throughout your billing period.

The Tariff Comparison Rate is a simple 'at a glance' tool that lets you easily compare tariffs across the energy industry, based on your postcode.

Information about this tariff

  • Choose gas, electricity or both.
  • Comes with a daily standing charge and a single unit rate to make it easier to understand how much you’re paying.
  • There are no cancellation fees meaning you are not tied in.
  • Option to manage your account online and opt for paperless billing.
  • Prices may increase or decrease at any time. We will give you 30 days advance notice before we increase your prices.

Your tariff information

All prices include VAT at the applicable rate and are rounded to two decimal places. These will appear differently on bills and statements. From the 29th January the way we present the electricity unit rate and electricity standing charge in the Tariff Information Label has changed. Please note the way we calculate your bill and your Personal Projection has not changed. For more information about how you're billed go to

Frequently asked questions

What is a kWh?
What is the Tariff Comparison Rate (TCR)?
What’s a Dual Fuel Discount?
What is your cost made up of?

Compare tariffs

Our comparison tool allows you to clearly see how your rates are affected depending on:

  • The way you choose to pay.
  • The benefits and premiums of our fixed tariffs.
  • The discount applied if you choose to buy gas and electricity together.

Have a prepayment meter? Unfortunately Sainsbury’s Energy is unable to supply homes with a prepayment meter. Please call us to discuss other ways you can switch to us.

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Tariff Information Label unit rates and standing charge prices include VAT at the applicable rate and are rounded to two decimal places. These prices will appear differently on bills and statements. The way we show the electricity unit rate and standing charge in Tariff Information Labels changed from January 29th 2016. The way we calculate your bill and Personal Projection hasn’t changed. To find out more go to

[1] With a variable price tariff your energy prices may increase or decrease at any time, but we’ll let you know 30 days before we increase your prices. With a fixed price tariff your energy prices are fixed until your tariff ends unless it is a tariff where the price may decrease. Or the government or regulator does something that changes the price. See the tariff terms and conditions for more information,

[2] Personal Projection is an estimated cost of what you’ll pay for 12 months using the tariff unit rate for where you live, the daily standing charge, your annual consumption and any discounts that apply to you. It includes VAT. 

[3] The TCR is based on national average consumption of 12,500 kWh for gas and 3,100 kWh for electricity. Your total bill will vary based on your actual consumption.

[4] The standing charge is applied on a pence per day basis. It helps cover an energy supplier's fixed costs.

[5] Where you have both gas and electricity with us at the same property, you’ll receive one Dual Fuel Discount of £15 per year (including VAT). The discount will be continuously applied to your bill throughout your billing period if you use a credit meter or applied to your meter at least once a year if you use a prepayment meter. If you cancel this agreement (for example by switching to another energy supplier), you will receive a Dual Fuel Discount for the number of days you have been with us during that one year period.

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The Tariff Comparison Rate (TCR) is a single figure that represents the cost per kWh that a typical consumer would incur on this tariff. It is based on an assumed consumption level of 12,500 kWh for gas, and 3,100 kWh for electricity and includes the unit rates and standing charges of the tariff, along with certain types of discounts and bundled products and services. It can be used as an approximate guide for comparing tariffs, and is not an actual price. You can find the TCR of your current tariff on your bill or annual statement. Further explanation of the TCR can be found below.

Included in TCR calculation:

  • Payment method
  • Unit rate
  • Standing charge
  • Dual Fuel discount

Excluded from TCR calculation:

  • Exit fee
  • Late payment fee
  • Additional products & services (e.g. Gift cards)