A Single Fuel tariff means that you can sign up for either Gas only or Electricity only. Dual Fuel is were you take both Gas and Electricity together.

Q: Who will be affected by this price rise?

A: Dual fuel, gas only and electricity only customers who are on our Standard variable tariff and who have a credit meter (not pay as you go). Customers with fixed contracts will not see any change to their price. 

Q: When will the prices change?

A: The prices will increase on 1st Oct. You can use your online account to get a comparison of tariffs. We’ve factored these changes into the Personal Projection and comparison shown in our Tariff Switch tool.

Q: How much is the increase?

A: The impact of the price change will vary for each customer. We’ve written to all customers who are impacted by this change letting them know exactly how this will impact them if they remain on our Standard Tariff.