A Single Fuel tariff means that you can sign up for either Gas only or Electricity only. Dual Fuel is were you take both Gas and Electricity together.

Q: Who will be affected by this price rise?

A: Dual fuel and electricity only customers on our Standard tariff. Customers with fixed contracts will not see any change to their price or Dual Fuel Discount until their current tariff comes to an end. 

Q: What about your Gas prices?

A: Our gas price is currently frozen for all Standard tariff customers who pay by direct debit, cash or cheque. 

Q: Is the standing charge changing?

A: No. The standing charge will not change as part of this announcement. 

Q: When will customers stop getting a Dual Fuel Discount?

A: Customers on our Standard tariff will stop receiving the Dual Fuel Discount on the 15th September.

Fixed Term Contract customers will stop receiving the Dual Fuel Discount when their fixed term contract expires or if they choose to move to a new tariff that doesn’t have Dual Fuel Discount.