A Single Fuel tariff means that you can sign up for either Gas only or Electricity only. Dual Fuel is were you take both Gas and Electricity together.

Q: What is the Price Cap?

A: From 1 April 2017, Pre-payment prices across the energy industry have been capped to limit how much these customers pay for their energy.  This Price Cap was extended from 2 February 2018 to credit meter customers who were on a default tariff and had received a Warm Home Discount in 2016 or 2017.

On 6th November 2018, Ofgem announced that a Price Cap would be put in place for all credit meter customers on default tariffs – These are Standard, Temporary and Safeguard tariffs.

The Price Cap is not the same for all customers, it varies by fuel, how you pay and type of meter.

Q: How does this affect you?

A: Some customers will see reductions to either standing charges or unit rates because of the Price Cap and some will see increases.

Q: When will the default tariff Price Cap be implemented?

A: 1st January 2019.

Q: Is the Price Cap the same for every supplier?

A:The Price Cap is the same for all suppliers who are required to apply it.

Q:Why are my prices going up when they can be under the rate of the Price Cap?

A:We have changed our prices to align to the Price Cap. For some customers this means prices are increasing from where they were. Our prices will either be below or at the same level as the Price Cap that Ofgem have set. 

Q:Will the prices be the same for Pre-payment and Credit customers?

A: No. The new Price Cap for credit meter customers on default tariffs is different from the current Pre-Payment Price Cap.

Q: How often will the Price Cap be reviewed?

A: Your new prices will be capped until 31st March 2019. The energy regulator will review the Price Cap before April 2019 which means your rates won’t change for three months. If your prices do go up once the review has taken place, we’ll let you know first.